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Brand Identity Services
We want your brilliance to shine! Our creative brand identity + messaging strategy showcases your expertise, your passion and your value to your clients.

Design + Build Services
Design matters. We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create memorable and outstanding brands that make an impact.

Scale + Grow Services
Our full suite of design + strategy services include eCommerce, online courses and membership solutions, always with security as top-of-mind.

Build Your Brand. Grow Your Empire.

No matter how unique your business, there are millions of web pages competing for the same space on the search engine’s results page. Your first challenge is being found at all. And once your visitors land on your website, are they engaging, reading and taking action?

Branding is the New Marketing

By thinking of your business as a brand – a business that stands with values and beliefs, that is making a difference in the world, and that connects through relationships – your business is humanized and takes on a life of its own. Its how your clients relate and get to know the people behind the business. Each of us are unique, and so are our businesses. By creating and defining those differences, we give voice to that uniqueness. Its how you stand out from the sea of competitors and gain the attention of your ideal clients.

Small Businesses Solutions

With more than 15 years in software engineering, the team of Blue Zenith professionals can architect digital solutions that are custom to your business processes. We know the challenges of connecting all the cloud services that work in your business – from scheduling applications, to project management applications, to CRMs and email newsletter solutions, to invoicing and staying on task. Its these applications that power your business. We help small businesses connect these isolated services to create  workflows that can promote your business growth. There’s so many cloud-based solutions – each separately helping to fulfill a purpose within your business process. Let us help you connect these services, designing workflows and processes that can automate and scale your business operation.


Imagine… connecting your technology apps so that your website becomes part of an automated workflow for your online visitors. Marketing automation, scheduling time with you, connecting the tools that you use for your business to create processes and workflows that help you grow your business.

  • Custom development using cloud-based applications that connect in a way that supports your team and your processes.
  • Create an employee tasking system that tracks overdue invoices from Quickbooks to create a process for managing invoices.
  • Automatically connect your scheduling application to your Customer Relationship Management system to keep track and manage all connections.

We use cloud-based API tools to connect the services that power your business. How can we help you power YOUR business?

Connecting Technology

Workflows and Automations.

Turn Your Purpose Into Profit

Stop showing up like everyone else.

Now is the time. Build a brand that shines as brilliant as you.

Message From The CEO

What’s Your Super Power?

You have a superpower. That unique blend of things that makes you YOU! That superpower needs to shine to the world. Let us help you embolden that superpower, by building it into your message and giving it words to grow wings to fly.

I’m Donna Galassi, founder and CEO of Blue Zenith, building big brands for the serious entrepreneur through web design and brand strategy. I’m the genius brain behind the company, a collision of brand architect and girl geek.

Present your brilliance to the world. What are you waiting for?

Donna Galassi

CEO and Founder, Blue Zenith LLC

Vision, Mission, Passion & Purpose

Small business is the heart of our economy. At Blue Zenith, we help small businesses change the world through capturing their vision, mission, passion and purpose mixed with the magic of their ‘know, like and trust’ to create an authentic brand that connects with their potential clients.

Bring Your Brand to Life

We believe that small business should have an equal voice in the marketplace. Our goal is to create a web presence that truly sets you apart and gives you wings.

We do this through helping you tap into your vision, mission, passion purpose and frame how you want to make a difference to the world. Our web design and brand strategy services help you communicate that message.

Know, Like, and Trust

People do business with people they know, like and trust. And as a small business, your clients are more than just a name and contact in your database. You know their dreams and passions and want them to succeed. Each client is a relationship. Capture the magic of your know, like, and trust into your digital marketing. Create a message that is unique to your business.

There is no better company to take your personality and brand from the relationships you build in-person, to be represented online. Blue Zenith not only builds beautiful, sought-after websites, but they care about your messaging and the people you want to attract! They will make your website work FOR YOU and educate you along the way. What more could you want?

Katie Myers

CEO, CR Conversations

Behind the Scenes. Creating a Visual Brand.

You know you are the foundation of your digital brand. It should speak to who you are, your values and show people the essence of your heart, soul and purpose. You can’t do that unless you bring your essence into your visual brand. Watch this behind the scenes photo shoot capturing my essence for my visual brand images used on my own website and digital brand.

Support The Great Outdoors

Sustainable Business for a Sustainable Earth.

As a Colorado-based company, we value the great outdoors. There’s nothing more relaxing or grounding than being away from our desks and out under the wide open skies anywhere in our great Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We are proud to align ourselves with One Tree Planted – for every dollar donated a tree is planted. We support this organization to keep our great outdoors as amazingly beautiful as it is today – well into the future. Your support in our business allows us to support this important organization.