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Rachel Dee has impeccable style that appears to glow throughout each page of her website. Offering Ala carte services, Rachel delivers secrets that provides clients a wardrobe style that has eluded them for some time! Her expertise most assuredly will bring a client’s wardrobe up to the next level allowing each and every one to feel more confident and relaxed, reflecting a successful spirit that focuses on the accomplishments they have achieved!

Rachel has extensive background in the fashion industry, a graduate of the Conselle Institute of Image Management and the Body Beautiful Institute. She’s also a member of Image Consultants International. Rachel’s years in the industry have honed her eye and sharpened her extraordinary ability to interpret body type and personality – creating a signature style unique to each and every person.


Date Published
January 2021

Rachel Dee


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Outcome and Results

Classy, fashion photos on her website bring Rachels specialized services to the forefront. They shine the light on professional, radiating her personal style and image. You immediately grasp that looking great is attainable and easy with the help of Rachel Dee. She outlines her successful, very distinctive process that is almost guaranteed to spark your image in the professional world. Rachel provides personal style services and image consulting for both men and women and overviews these processes on the site. From the hundreds of workshops and seminars she’s taught, Rachel truly understands the uniqueness of each of us and how to create confidence and comfort through use of style and wardrobe.

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