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There is so much more to web design than it appears. The colors, images, videos, and page layout all come together to make a difference, highlight your vision, and represent your brand. An aesthetically-pleasing website alone won’t convert your visitors into customers if your website doesn’t have the proper functionality, findability, stickiness, or branding strategy.

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Web Design Services To Grow Your Business

The platform and technology used to build your website can make a big difference how your message is presented to the world. Whether you are interested in building a website through WordPress, Kajabi, Shopify or Thinkific, Blue Zenith can use those platforms to build your brand, emphasize your business values, and maximize your market appeal.


WordPress is our go-to platform for small business marketing and website development strategies. With its user-friendly content management system and a wide range of beautiful, versatile themes, it powers a major share of the internet. It is the best choice for small business websites in need of a B2B website design strategy.


Kajabi is the #1 platform for building custom online courses and membership websites. With its full range of features, it is the perfect tool to create, manage, and sell your online courses from a single platform. Let Blue Zenith help build your digital academy, perfect your Kajabi email automation, and set you up to engage your clients virtually from anywhere.


Shopify offers a complete eCommerce solution that lets you easily manage your online store and business from one platform. Small businesses have the option to sell products/services locally, nationally, or internationally through Shopify. Blue Zenith can help you build a responsive online store and implement an eCommerce website development strategy that works.


Thinkific offers a complete online course and community platform that empowers your business with the latest trends – building an online community. Blue Zenith can help you build out your online courses and incorporate Thinkific community with your courses to create a virtual classroom, or virtual coaching programs. Let us help you implement a strategy that expands your business expertise and reach.

Denver Web Design Services

Our design process includes the things that every business website needs.

Website Findability

SEO and findability strategies are built into your delivered website project.

Client Stickiness

Design and content strategy that encourages your visitors to stick around and learn more about you.

Human-Centric Design

Mapping out your online visitor experience is part of our design process.

Your Website Is Your Greatest Asset

Whenever we design a new website, we take everything into consideration, from your business colors and images to your branding, marketing, and SEO. Holistic site design balances both form and function: the way it looks, the way it performs, and the functional relationships between all of the different parts that make up the website. All parts of the finished website will feature responsive design across different devices, balance engaging content with search engine findability, and communicate your overarching brand message. Once everything is in place and working properly, your website is your greatest asset for finding new leads, closing sales, and reaching your goals.

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Responsive web design strategies to make your wordpress site mobile friendly

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Securely hosted, solidly built websites ready to grow with your business

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Optimized content working with technology to improve your SEO findability

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Small Business Web Design Packages

Every one of our website packages features a securely hosted site, a mobile-friendly design, and an abundance of responsive web design tools to get your site found.

Small Business Web Design

We build stunning, unique websites that help you wow your audience. Having quality content and a responsive, user-friendly website can take your business to the next level and transform site traffic into conversions.

Small Business Web Design - Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

Small Business Web Development

When you work with us, Blue Zenith will take care of your hosting, security, SSL certificate, and other technical needs. We will take care of the technology and backend developments for you. Additionally, we have helped many of our clients with selecting the right digital platform for their business.

Small Business Web Development - Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

Our Responsive Web Design Projects

Website Findability & Stickiness

What is Site Findability?

Findability, also defined as website findability or content findability, is a dimension/metric used in digital marketing that measures how easily your business site is found on the internet. The easier your website gets found by search engines, the more potential audience outreach, site traffic, and customer conversions for your business. Findability is measured through SEO.

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What is the stickiness factor?

Stickiness is a metric in business that refers to engaging visitors on your site so they are interested in learning about your offerings and becoming your customers. Using Google Analytics 4, we can help you measure site stickiness, session stickiness, and user stickiness to increase client engagement rates.

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Mobile search engine market share

Mobile Search Engine Market Share - Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

Mobile-Friendly, Human-Centric Web Design

Nowadays, a responsive website is the industry standard and more imperative for ranking than ever before. In fact, search engine giant Google takes a mobile-first approach when it comes to site rankings—if your website is not mobile-friendly, you may miss out on optimizing your ranking potential, increasing site traffic, and ultimately, engagement with your business. This is the standard regardless of whether your site traffic comes from desktop, tablet, or mobile users. Other modern design trends and digital tools have been influenced by Google’s mobile-first approach as well.


Around 70% of mobile phone searches lead to some kind of online action

We Are Your Local, Responsive Web Design Agency

Here at Blue Zenith, we are all about responsive web design. Our company recognized the importance of responsive web design over a decade ago. We have adopted a mobile-friendly approach to responsive web design ever since; it has become our standard for the high-quality websites we deliver. Our human-centric approach to design thinking allows your site design to be accessible for different types of devices, while still providing a convenient, user-friendly, and straightforward navigation experience.

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