Who Are We?

Its simple! We’re passionate about technology and all things web related!

My Story

The summer of 2007 changed the path that my life was on, defining a “new normal” on many different levels. I was working at the time in the engineering department of a small company. The company created reports that real estate investors would purchase to identify undervalued properties to add to their investment portfolio.

That company was one of the many companies that fell victim to the economic crash called the “Great Recession”. With the loss of that job, I began down the path of starting Blue Zenith. Starting the company at that time was not an easy journey. Each client was hard-won. Each dollar in the bank was a celebration.

I don’t remember when I came up with my three non-negotiables of success, but they were foundational to me, and represented my own determination of ensuring Blue Zenith’s success. These three things became my guide when meeting with new clients. I knew when I met with a potential client that if I could tick these three things off, they had a high likelihood of succeeding, and were worthy of taking on as a client.

So what are my three non-negotiables of success?

1. Believe in yourself. Believe you can, and you will. Believe in your ability to make this happen.

2. Value your talents and gifts. To run a successful business, you must be confident in your skills and talents – and put a price tag to that. If you don’t value yourself, your clients won’t.

3. And most importantly, be willing to do the hard work.

Success isn’t easy. It’s hard to put yourself out there. Its hard to believe in yourself so strongly, that you define yourself as a brand, as something bold and worthy of being called a business. It takes courage, guts, and perseverance.

Blue Zenith was founded on the promise to give voice to the entrepreneur. To give voice to those wanting to take control of their lives, make an impact on the world and do what they love to do.

About Blue Zenith

Blue Zenith, a Denver digital marketing agency, was started in 2009 by founder and president, Donna Galassi. With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Donna took her skills in technology and combined them with her love for creative design and Blue Zenith was born. From the start, she knew that building meaningful relationships with her clients was imperative to creating uniquely custom websites. As a small business, Blue Zenith soon became actively involved in the small business community by joining the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and supporting local non-profits that benefit the local community.

Fast forward to today and Blue Zenith creates more than just websites. We build complete online presences for our customers. A website is not just a website, but the number one marketing and branding tool that small businesses rely on to build their business. Even though our digital marketing services have grown, the way we do business has stayed the same: only by understanding how our clients do business with their clients can we focus their message, brand, and online presence to be powerful and true to their business’s vision.

Explore Your Brand!

Your website is your business’s #1 tool. How your website performs greatly depends on the quality of your brand message. Are you doing everything you can to ensure that your website is completely and properly branded?

Our Promise

Our goal is for our clients to succeed. Blue Zenith creates branded web experiences to align each client’s business products and offline brand with their online digital brand persona. Blue Zenith promises exceptional customer service, honoring each client’s trust, in a collaborative environment valuing honesty and integrity. Our comprehensive services support our client’s growth and digital marketing needs. Technology inspires us to be better and becomes the tools through which we  support our clients in reaching their goals.

Our Founder

Donna Galassi, founder of Blue Zenith, has been in the tech industry all of her career with more than 15 years as a Software Engineer before founding Blue Zenith, an award-winning web design company, in 2009. Donna brings her unique skillset, blending software development, web design, marketing and branding skills to create custom website solutions that not only brand their clients effectively telling their story, but create online web applications customized to each client’s business needs. She is a skilled WordPress developer and a certified All Pro Web Tools provider, ensuring you get the best technology and software solutions bundled with the expertise of marketing and branding. Its her passion to provide quality top-notch services to small businesses to help them compete in this highly competitive online world.

Our Philosophy

What You Need

What You Need
At Blue Zenith, our goal is to provide you with a web presence that tells your visitors who you are, what you are all about and how your products and services can make their lives better. By extending your current brand we’ll create a website that reflects your business and your vision.

What Your Customers Expect

What You Expect
Your website is the first place your customers will look to find out more about your business. Your clients expect to learn from your industry knowledge and realize the value your business provides to them.

How To Make That Happen

Make It Happen
You have high expectations for your web presence to build your business. We understand that. By establishing your expertise using various online and social media tools such as SEO, you not only do just this, but extend your marketing reach by providing more ways to be found.

Did You Know?

Your zenith is the point in the sky directly above you. If you were to look down from your zenith, you would have a pretty good perspective of the world around you. We like to think that Blue Zenith is that perspective. We discover what you need for your project to sprout wings and take flight.

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