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Imperium Health Center in Littleton, Colorado is more than just chiropractic, it is a holistic approach to wellness. They are professionals that guide you through lifestyle changes that can help attain longevity and optimum health with a scientifically based natural plan to improve and maximize personal potential.

So, you ask, what is Holistic Chiropractic Care? It is the journey to find the cause of a patient’s health issues that incorporate the mind, body and spirit. An extraordinary team – Dr. Nathan Younkin, MS, DC and Dr. Lindsey Squibb, DC – have helped so many patients achieve wellness through personal plans that do not focus solely on a symptom. Taking the whole person into account means to address personal lifestyle habits and the impact they have had that can affect overall wellbeing.


Date Published
September 2021

Imperium Health Center


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Outcome and Results

Are you ready to sweat? Want to get stronger? Are you ready to feel better than you have in years? Become part of a community who pushes each other to be the best version of themselves. The website enables scheduling of classes. It offers easy access to new client forms. Along with the many services offered there are pre/post-natal chiropractic, sports injuries, vibration therapy, lifestyle nutritional coaching, and detoxing.

If you are aching to start your private journey to wellness and fitness, contact the office of Imperium Health Center. According to their reviews posted on the website, you will get a whole new lease on life while attaining top level wellness and healing.

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