Why WordPress

We build responsive, user-friendly websites for small to mid-sized businesses on the WordPress content management system.

Why WordPress

WordPress Designers in Denver, Colorado

What is WordPress and Why is it Important

WordPress is a website creation platform that allows us to completely customize any websites we make. Continuing to rank as one of the most popular content management software in the world, WordPress powers the internet with its easy-to-use content management system, beautiful, customizable themes, and wide range of extendable features.

Why We Use WordPress

There are many insightful reasons why we choose to use the WordPress web design and development platform. First, search engines such as Google love websites developed in WordPress because their content is better for them to read and index. This also means it is easier for your WordPress website to earn better rankings in search engine results, increasing your findability, stickiness, and optimization prospects.

Compared to other website builders, WordPress software is easy to learn and easy to use. Once your site gets built, you’ll have great flexibility in updating its content, and you can manage your website from just about anywhere.

Best of all, you can grow your WordPress website to reflect your business growth. Since many of Blue Zenith’s customers are small businesses with big plans for the future, this is a real asset. 

Professional WordPress Design and Development

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The Blue Zenith WordPress Strategy

We understand that many of our service-based clients struggle to separate themselves from their competition. Based out of Denver, Blue Zenith is a small business that works with other small businesses to expand their digital outreach and grow their business. Our having worked with many different small and service-based-businesses from various industries, our branding knowledge and marketing process can help shine a spotlight on your strengths and expertise.

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WordPress Important Questions and Answers

What Is the Main Function of WordPress?

WordPress’s leading function is to help small businesses, marketing creators, and developers create customized websites. Instead of coding or building a site from scratch, using a CMS platform like WordPress helps speed up the site development, design, and optimization processes.

How long does it take to make a WordPress website?

This largely depends on the type of website being built, a business’s industry-specific needs, and the development services included in a package. For example, redesigning or fixing issues on an existing website will often take less time than building an entirely new website. Some structural or technical website issues may take longer than others. At Blue Zenith, we allow businesses to book free consultations so their individual needs can be addressed.

How long does it take for a WordPress site to go live?

Again, this largely depends on the client and their business needs. In most cases, addressing specific parts or fixing known issues on existing sites will often be more streamlined than creating entirely new websites. Once your website is ready for customers to see, going live does not take long at all, often happening immediately or same day. WordPress also provides you with the option of going live on an individual, page-by-page basis. We sometimes utilize this method at Blue Zenith to ensure your website is set up for long-term success.

What type of WordPress websites are there?

Contrary to some popular beliefs, WordPress can host much more than a blogging website—it is known for its multi-purpose abilities, including the ability to design e-commerce stores, establish online directories, develop online communities, host membership-only sites, publish digital magazines, and successfully build any other types of business websites.

Is WordPress User Friendly?

WordPress is renowned for its ability to create responsive, user-friendly websites. Many business owners often feel overwhelmed by other website platforms, which often require more advanced technical expertise. Generally, most agree that WordPress is easy to use and has a more straightforward learning curve, especially for those without any technical background.

Can you have more than one website on WordPress?

Yes – you can build, manage, and customize multiple websites through WordPress. At Blue Zenith, we provide convenient tools, security, and hosting services to maintain multiple sites for our clients. Though a majority of our work is done with WordPress, we also work with other CMS platforms, such as Kajabi or Shopify.

Is WordPress outdated?

No, this is a common myth perpetuated by some members of the website development community. In fact, WordPress powers more than 43% of all existing sites on the web. However, WordPress websites account for over 65% of all websites built within a content management system.

How long do WordPress sites last?

Once activated, your WordPress site will not “expire” or self-delete on its own. In order to delete access from an existing WordPress site, one of the following has to happen: your site gets manually deleted, your site is removed from its hosting platform, or WordPress suspends it due to a violation. Otherwise, even if your login becomes inactive, your WordPress site will remain indefinitely.

Can WordPress handle large sites?

Yes, you can build large websites on WordPress. WordPress does not currently have any site traffic limits, although other factors can affect your site, such as your WordPress PHP version, the number of extensions you add on, your web hosting service(s), recent technology updates, etc.

High-quality hosting services and an optimized website will allow your site to withstand heavy web traffic, load faster for your users, minimize technical issues, and rank higher in search engines.

What is the difference between WordPress and a website builder?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) platform used to host and manage websites. A website builder, such as Divi, Elementor, or Visual Composer, is a development tool or extension you use to construct individual pages on your site, often featuring drag-and-drop blocks or templates.

Does WordPress own your content?

No – WordPress has stated before that you will retain the rights to your content. However, most public WordPress websites require granting WordPress a royalty-free international license to display your site content—otherwise, your users and potential customers will not be able to locate or access your site.

Can I make a WordPress website without hosting?

WordPress does have a free trial where you can build a free website without paid hosting plans.

However, we highly recommend against building your entire business website on this free plan. A hosting plan not only ensures that your website remains secure (HTTPS) but also allows your site to be indexable by search engines.

Do I Need to Know Coding for WordPress?

No – you do not need to know any coding languages to build a WordPress website. If you select our WordPress Services, Blue Zenith takes care of all the technical setups for you. However, any prior technical knowledge you possess can benefit our Brandstorming process.

Is WordPress enough to be a web developer?

No – absolutely not. While knowing how to use WordPress (or another CMS) is a fantastic first step, it takes a more complex assortment of qualifications, technical knowledge, and web development experience to become a fully qualified developer. Most WordPress users should undergo years of technology, web, and CMS training before they develop or launch their own site.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Even without code, making random changes to text, links, or content on your WordPress site without any prior technical knowledge can significantly harm your rankings.

How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

In most cases, hiring professional WordPress development services can save your business time, energy, and costs in the long term. At Blue Zenith, we offer different service packages that support your site hosting, security, development, optimizations, and most of your website maintenance necessities.

Why might a Web designer want to use WordPress?

Many professional web designers love using WordPress for its simplicity, ease of use, and numerous amount of functionalities it provides. It is best to take WordPress criticism with a grain of salt, especially considering the source. For example, software programmers who specialize in building custom applications and niche technology websites from scratch tend to carry a lot of bias against WordPress, since they already know how to customize projects in code. However, for small business owners, WordPress continuously proves to be a fantastic platform that saves time, costs, and manpower with its all-in-one solutions.

Hire WordPress Designers

For most business owners busy with internal operations, the consequences, disadvantages, and technical challenges of building their site far outweigh any potential expenses saved. Therefore, it is really in their best interest to hire a professional WordPress website and design company like Blue Zenith.

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Why Use WordPress?

The WordPress platform is a free CMS, with the ability to add on paid premium plug-ins. However, in the grand scheme of the Internet, it remains a relatively affordable website creation platform.

An Easy Content Management System

It us one of the easiest CMS platforms to use for creating and customizing websites

Flexible Designs, Enhanced Features

WordPress offers thousands of plugin options, allowing you to add many different themes, functionalities, and elements to a site

Search Engine Friendly

It is extremely search engine friendly, easily indexable by search engines, increasing the likelihood of your business getting found

Easily Customized

The WordPress platform is easily extended and offers plenty of open source software and documentation, allowing those with more technical capabilities to further customize their sites

Other Things to Know About WordPress

Most WordPress sites and plugins do require version updates every once in a while to prevent security risks and other internal technical issues from occurring.

How Blue Zenith helps our clients overcome this obstacle: Blue Zenith provides regular version updates for our client sites and tools, as needed.

Website optimization can be rather overwhelming, confusing, and stressful for those without previous technical backgrounds. Doing simple things on your site can potentially harm site rankings.

How Blue Zenith helps our clients overcome this obstacle: Blue Zenith provides full SEO service packages where we take care of improving your site rankings for you. Click here to learn more about our SEO services.

 Sometimes selecting your plugins can become very overwhelming, especially if you have difficulties recognizing both your site needs and requirements to meet modern web standards.

How Blue Zenith helps our clients overcome this obstacle: Blue Zenith knows the web tools and technologies to enhance your brand while ensuring your site meets industry standards.

If you choose a subpar hosting service or don’t know how to properly secure your site, your personal information can have many security vulnerabilities.

How Blue Zenith helps our clients overcome this obstacle: Blue Zenith utilizes some of the most reliable hosting services with top-grade security measures and will implement this for clients.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

Blue Zenith builds and designs powerful, secure, and mobile-friendly websites for your business on the WordPress content management system. Every single one of our projects reflect the high levels of detail, standards, and quality a Blue Zenith website is known for.

Our WordPress Website Projects

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WordPress, State of the Digital Economy Infographics 2022


Over 2 out of every 5 active websites use WordPress, 2022

WordPress Website Packages

WordPress Website Packages

At Blue Zenith, we are WordPress designers that use a number of different themes and tools to develop our website masterpieces. Each theme is chosen to perfectly suit each of our clients and their business, company, organization, band, or group. Contact us today if you are interested in helping us craft a beautiful new website for your business!

WordPress Website Design Packages

Whether your business is local, service-based, e-commerce, or within a specialized industry, you can count on Blue Zenith to design a beautiful, professional, and mobile-friendly WordPress site for your business.

Wordpress Website Design

WordPress Website Building Services

We develop a WordPress site customized for your business needs. We offer high-quality WordPress website development services; we listen, we ask questions, and we read between the lines to deliver solutions that meet all of your digital marketing needs and then some.

Wordpress Website Development

WordPress Website Management Service

We perform regular site maintenance, taking care of your site, technology, and backend updates as needed. Blue Zenith clients can rest assured their websites with us are backed up, secure, and up-to-date.

WordPress Management Services

Denver WordPress Design

WordPress Developers Near Me | Denver, Colorado

Just like SEO marketing services, you do not need to strictly limit your options to WordPress developers or agencies near your local community. Blue Zenith is a full-service, remote agency that serves local and national businesses. Ready to begin expanding your digital empire? Book your initial online consultation with us today:

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