Rely-On Technologies

Rely-On Technologies
Blue Zenith has made an extraordinary impact at Rely-On Technologies. As a family owned and operated company for over 40 years, we at Rely-On have never truly had a strategic plan and execution when it comes to maximizing our online presence. After being referred to us by Garmat USA, we connected with Donna, Alex, and their vast network of professionals to develop a marketing and communications plan of action for our company. They immediately hit the ground running to elevate our SEO status, revamp our entire website, revive all our social media platforms, and update and refresh our various online business profiles. In a short, few weeks, we witnessed a huge increase in leads coming in via our emails and phone lines – many of which have turned into sales profits – as a direct result of their efforts.

Once we regained our footing with our digital and online presence, Rely-On looked to print marketing and email marketing to further grow our lead pool. We turned to Donna and Alex once again to take over our direct contact marketing with our customers and leads. Though we initially didn’t come to Blue Zenith for print-related collateral, we hoped they would be able to help with that area to create a symbiosis with our digital and online upgrades. Sure enough, they curated a team of professionals who specialize in graphic design and print collateral, to design and execute what we needed – all of which synced up with our online work. As a result, at our recent tradeshows and conferences, our exhibits were well stocked with print collateral that directed all prospective clients to the information they needed.

Blue Zenith has been the best investment in our company’s 40-year history. Donna and Alex are very professional, punctual, organized, patient, and are always prepared with strategic plans to achieve our goals and take their clients to the next level. They’ve exceeded our expectations in such a short time and have accomplished every urgency we brought to them. I can only imagine how they will continue to transform our company for the better in the years to come!

Raymond Ortiz

General Manager, Rely-On Technologies

Who They Are

Rely-On Technologies has been serving their community since 1983. They are a leader in pant booth technologies and are the sole distributor of an extensive line of high-performance paint booths, mix rooms, prep environments, and curing technology for collision repair centers and automotive body shops. Their in-depth services include helping with the permitting process, construction, tenant improvements, spray booth installation, and more.


Date Published
October 2023

Rely-On Technologies


Their previous website was poorly optimized, was not being found in the search engines, and did not properly communicate their expertise. We were tasked with updating the site with a fresh look and stronger SEO presence.

Brand & Strategy

  • Branded Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Showcases Their Expertise


  • Website Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Print Media Management
  • Newsletters and Blog Posts
  • Google and Bing Analytics

Outcome and Results

Within the first few months of working with Rely-On Technologies, they were already seeing an increase in website traffic and new leads. Then, once we released their redesigned website, their online presence increased substantially, resulting in even more business for them.

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