Why Kajabi

Kajabi is a platform designed for small businesses to earn passive revenue. As Kajabi developers, Blue Zenith has the skills and the tools to help you deliver quality online courses.

How is your digital presence is working for your business?

Experienced Kajabi Developers for Small Businesses

Do you need to hire a Kajabi developer?

Kajabi is a versatile course creation platform that allows businesses to sell custom online courses. The system incorporates all the tools and features you need to run a successful online course. From the built-in CRM customer management tools, to automated email marketing campaigns, Kajabi is the complete online course management system.

From dream to launch!

We have worked with customers from the initial dream to launch online courses that have changed trajectory of the business. We have worked with all stages of online course creation: from creating the course outline, to designing the course material, to managing the assets needed to build out the course, to implementing the complete system within Kajabi. Let us help you take your dream course and help you make it a reality!

How we help you

You are the expert at what you do. And you want to create passive income using an online course platform. Kajabi has the features that can help you deliver a quality online course, with all the features to help you communicate with your students. We help you organize the course outline, and will work with you to create the assets needed to launch a five-star online course.

What is a Kajabi developer?

A Kajabi developer is experienced using the Kajabi platform to build and launch online courses, implement offers and sales pages, and connect the built-in email marketing tool to communicate to your course purchasers. An expert Kajabi developer can help you craft your online course knowing how its presented on the Kajabi platform so you can maximize your efforts and launch as quickly as possible.

Blue Zenith is considered to be a group of Kajabi developers. With our website design, development, and technical expertise, we help our clients develop, optimize, market, and launch their Kajabi courses. This way, our clients can leave the development work to Blue Zenith and focus all of their efforts on managing business operations.

We Are Kajabi Developers

Answering All Your Essential Kajabi Questions

What Is Kajabi Good For?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform where business owners can create custom online courses and earn revenue from their industry expertise. While it is revered for its excellent CRM and email marketing automation tools, Kajabi also allows you to generate new leads, optimize your landing pages, streamline training processes, increase your industry authority, and improve your overall business value. 

Is Kajabi User Friendly?

For most customers who sign up to take your course, Kajabi is extremely straightforward and easy to use.

However, some businesses without a technical background may find certain aspects of the Kajabi platform time consuming and complex to set up. To maximize efficiency, many small business owners hire Kajabi developers like Blue Zenith to assist with building out their Kajabi courses.

Does Kajabi integrate with WordPress?

Kajabi can work alongside WordPress, or transfer its content over to a WordPress site. However, they remain two separate platforms. You do not need to have a WordPress site to use the Kajabi platform or vice versa. Click here to view our WordPress services.

Does Kajabi take a percentage of my earnings?

No, Kajabi does not take a cut from the revenue you earn through selling your courses. Kajabi charges users a subscription fee for using its online platform, with a number of different pricing plans available.

Does Kajabi Charge Transaction Fees?

Kajabi itself does not charge any transaction fees whenever someone purchases a course from you, though some of its payment processors such as Paypal, Stripe, and others may charge small transaction fee(s) of their own.

Do I Own the Content I Create on My Kajabi Account?

Yes, according to Kajabi, you will retain ownership of all your creations inside your Kajabi portal and be able to export your content at your convenience.

Can You Really Make Money on Kajabi?

Yes! Business owners have the opportunity to earn revenue by selling the courses they created with Kajabi. When a course is sold, the customer has essentially purchased a membership that allows them to access the course. Although there are many competitive alternatives, Kajabi specializes in online learning and development for business creators.

What Benefits Does Kajabi Provide for Small Businesses?

Besides earning revenue, Kajabi keeps all your online deliverables and training on one platform, turning complicated processes into simpler workflows. In fact, one of our clients was able to turn her in-person training into an online academy.

Scroll down to our Kajabi Pros and Cons section to learn more about her Kajabi experience.

Is Kajabi Good for Email Marketing?

Kajabi is well-known for its extensive email management tools, including the ability to build your email list, send email blasts, automate email marketing campaigns, and customize your CRM to maintain contact with your customers. 

Is Kajabi SEO Friendly? 

Yes, you can build websites on the Kajabi Platform and optimize them for SEO (search engine optimization). However, it is important to note that no CMS automatically comes packaged with high-quality SEO. Instead, most sites tend to perform their best in search results when they are optimized by SEO specialists.

Does Blue Zenith take a percentage of my Kajabi course earnings?

No, we do not take any cuts from our clients’ course earnings. Instead, Blue Zenith offers upfront service packages, where we assist you with developing online courses for your business.

Blue Zenith Helps Design Online Courses

Building a Kajabi course requires many different modules and pieces to connect before it is ready to go live. Additionally, some of Kajabi’s tools may not be intuitive for those relatively new to the digital space.

Blue Zenith can help you bring your business expertise online! We help set up memberships, structure course modules, create landing pages, and generate new digital marketing leads. Enlist us to help you write, produce, and launch quality online courses for your business today.

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Kajabi Heroes for Small Businesses

Small business owners busy with their operations may not have time to study or implement the technology, which can lead to needing 6 months to a year or longer to fully build out their course. This can result in long periods of time where businesses are not making revenue with unfinished projects, yet still have to pay for Kajabi subscription costs.

However, Blue Zenith is here to help! We are masters at simplifying the online course creation process.

Customizable Course Creation Platform

Kajabi is one of the most customizable online course creators, with its own built-in CRM and an extensive list of management features.

Turn Your Training into A Full Digital Course

One of our clients was able to turn her in-person training into an online academy with an entire series of training modules, providing her business with an additional revenue channel

An All-in-One Course Management Solution

Kajabi’s all-in-one management solutions keep all of its digital creation tools within one platform without the need to connect to any third-party plugins.

Sophisticated CRM Communication System

Kajabi offers a way for business owners to build relationships and stay connected with their customers, through their exceptional CRM system.

Hire Skilled Kajabi Developers

Let us help you create an outstanding and memorable digital brand on the Kajabi platform.

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Kajabi Projects, Landing Page Examples

Kajabi’s State of the Creator Economy Infographics 2022

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Kajabi, Creator State of the Economy Infographics 2022, Blue Zenith


Kajabi Creator Earnings Growth, 2020-2022

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Expert Kajabi Services

Kajabi Packages

At Blue Zenith, we use Kajabi to help small to medium-sized businesses monetize their online courses. With a Blue Zenith-designed Kajabi website, you will receive a great-looking mobile-friendly website powered by the #1 small business online course management platform, built with the same high standards and delivered with the same level of detail that a Blue Zenith website is known for.

We Build Kajabi Courses

Over the years, Blue Zenith has built many different online courses for our clients. When it comes to Kajabi course development, we have the experience and expertise to create an academy on the platform that meets your business needs. 

We are Kajabi Developers. We Help You Build Kajabi Courses at Blue Zenith

We Develop Kajabi Marketing Campaigns

Landing pages, marketing campaigns, CRMs, email lists—Blue Zenith understands how all the different pieces come together for a quality Kajabi course. This is part of Blue Zenith’s dedication to building the best possible products for our clients.

We Develop Kajabi Marketing Campaigns

We Design Kajabi Websites

Our Kajabi web design services are top-notch; we design unique, responsive websites suited to our clients’ needs. With Blue Zenith’s extensive technical knowledge, we can narrow down the specific features within the Kajabi platform that will add value to your courses.

Kajabi Website Design, Blue Zenith

We are Your Trusted Kajabi Experts 

We offer plenty of options and can help you find the best platform for your business, whether it’s building on Kajabi, a different online platform, or a WordPress website with plenty of integration options. Blue Zenith will evaluate all of your individual business needs, including how your course would best be delivered before we develop a custom strategy for you.

Kajabi Experts Blue Zenith

Hire Skilled Kajabi Developers

Let us help you create an outstanding and memorable digital brand on the Kajabi platform.

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