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Build a powerful and impactful brand for your business.

Your Brand Matters 

As a small business we know business is personal, so why are you still showing up like everyone else? Your digital brand – your website, content and visual brand – needs to be an extension of you and your business. Let us help you create a digital brand that connects with the right audience, and captures the essence of who you are, why are different, and why your visitors should choose to work with you.  

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Your brand is so much more than just a name and logo. In order to effectively communicate your brand, you must start thinking of your business itself as your brand. In other words, your brand is your business. If you aren’t trying to wow your target market from the very first time someone learns about your business, then more often than not, your business won’t be able to stand out from the crowd.

You DO have a brand and a brand message, it’s simply a matter of finding and defining it. The brand elements that make up your brand define what you do, how you do it, and differentiate you from your competition.

Our unique approach to branding for small business and entrepreneurs blends personal branding with traditional branding to create a tool to attract the right clients, provide value to your audience and showcase your expertise.

Ready to Build Your Brand?

Your website is the primary source for business development. How your website performs greatly depends on the quality of your brand message. Schedule an appointment to see how we can help you get the most from your website and digital marketing.

I believe a well-built brand evolves your purpose into profit, essentially telling your story through the eyes of your customers, attracting the right people to your tribe and growing your business.

Donna Galassi

Founder and CEO

You are an innovator, an out-of-the-box thinker, and are dedicated to serving your clients

You are the expert in your industry and have innovated something about what you do. Whether it be in your processes, your delivery, or your customer service, you stand distinctly apart from your competition. Does your digital brand showcase your innovation and expertise?

I’m the digital message storyteller, giving voice to your story, building the bridge to grow big. Branding done right, builds connections to the right audience and expands your reach. We’re the team of professionals that ensure you utilize the right online tools and technology to grow, automate and scale. Your goals are achievable if only you embrace the dream, do the work, and believe you can with every step forward.

Let us take you on your journey

Let us help you craft the authentic message that shows your unique position, how you innovate and are truly the expert in what you do. Let us serve alongside you and help you grow your business to where it needs to be to serve the masses that are seeking your brilliance, your expertise, and your gifts.

Donna Galassi

CEO and Founder, Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

Craft an authentic brand and digital branded website

Whether you are a team or a sole entrepreneur, your brand message needs to capture the culture and values that are foundation to your business. Your clients and potential clients need to see and hear the heart behind your business mission to walk beside you, to follow your lead. Your business stands out and is extraordinary … and so should your brand, through clearly articulating your message, your values and your business culture.