The Art of Being Found

You’ve done the work to build a business that you are proud of, to create a proven system that drives customers to your door. Now it’s time to build an online presence that allows your customers to find you, one that capture their attention, elevates your position, and commands authority.

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Your Customized Strategy Starts with an Online Presence Audit


Our Online Presence Audit will evaluate all the ways that your customers can find your business. Your website, social media, Google Business Profile, and brand story are all powerful tools to draw customers to your business. 

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Every business is unique in how you need to be found to drive traffic into your business. We’ll review your marketing foundation, your clients, and your offerings, and from there, we’ll begin to craft the strategy that gets your business noticed by the people that need your offerings.

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It all starts with our Online Presence Audit. We’ll identify missing opportunities that may be costing you customers. Then, we can work with you to strategize the next best move forward.

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Digital Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Your Online Presence Audit is the first step to being able to measure and track your marketing efforts. Once your marketing technology is all configured and working right, your digital marketing key metrics begin to make sense and can explode your marketing efforts.

What is the typical customer journey someone takes as they navigate through the website?

What can you learn about your audience from the analytics?

What opt-ins are most effective and popular with your visitors?

What marketing campaigns work best, and what can You learn to improve?


What info could you add that will be more interesting or better communicated to your online visitors?

What do you see in the trends that can help you for future planning?

The Blue Zenith Strategy

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Get Your Business Found on Google

Evaluate what it means to be found and determine the strategies, marketing channels, and optimization techniques that can help you reach your goals.

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Use the Right Marketing Tools

There are powerful tools provided by Google that can help you gain insights into your online visitors. Understand what they are and how to use them.

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Key Metrics in Marketing

There are specific key metrics that you should be using that can guide your strategies and their effectiveness. Learn from what is working and super boost those results using the numbers and the tools.

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Get Found Digital Marketing

Get Found on Google Search

Get found through organic search engine optimization, which involves getting search engines to recognize and rank your website for keywords without paying for a single ad. Visit our search engine optimization services page to learn more about what we can do to help your website get discovered by users.

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Get Found on Local Search

Get your site found with our local organic SEO services, which also involve search engine optimization and ranking improvements without paid advertisements. Rank your website for specific geographic locations or target communities within specific zip codes. Visit our local search engine optimization services page to get started today.

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Get Found through Social Media

We help set you up on the optimal social media platforms for you to connect with a new audience. Many of our social media management packages include measuring your key metrics in social media marketing, allowing us to build out a content calendar that grows your brand visibility and converts users into customers.

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Meet Clients That Are Getting Found

Online Marketing to Get You Found

Get your business found on Google and other search engines. Let Blue Zenith help you discover and optimize the right marketing channels to grow your business.

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Boost Visibility through Social Media

Social Media Marketing Channels

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