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Owner and “redefiner-in-chief”, Erin Gaskins is a changemaker and professional organizer. For 25 years, she worked to impact lives through service in the public education sector, while practicing her love of organization, styling and design on the side. Room Redefined grew out of that side project and is now a full-scale professional organization and styling company serving the Colorado front range from Fort Collins to Boulder to Castle Rock. Erin brings her passion to this business, bringing change to the lives of others through how we function at home, at work, or at school.

Room Redefined believes in transforming lives through organization and making a positive impact along the way. Their services range from residential, moving, senior living, remodeling, businesses, school organization and school transitioning. With their professional, creative ideas they help their customers become more productive, less irritable and less distracted in their space! Room Redefined is the only company offering services designed to help educators move from one school site to another, along with organizing classroom spaces.


Date Published
July 2021

Room Redefined


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Outcome and Results

You will love skimming through the before and after photos that detail the huge changes Erin creates through her services. Her press releases and FAQ page create a complete outline of her services. You realize you don’t haver to go it alone. The skilled professionals at Room Redefined support the development of a healthy relationship between you and your belongings. With their Whole Home/Whole Life approach, they create functional, beautiful spaces that feel calm and uncluttered.

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