Video marketing is the trendiest, coolest development that has taken the world by storm and has recently become an integral component of many marketing plans. We are always talking about content marketing, and now videos have edged their way into the content calendar. Many businesses using this new tool have realized the powerful effects it has on conversion, for reaching and engaging customers. If you thinking about sparking your marketing up a notch here are some tips you can use.

With videos your strategy changes, viewers seek regular updates. First, create an ongoing campaign of tips, stories, lessons, that can be joined together into a cohesive message. Build a consistent publishing schedule to lead to a launch of a new product line you are excited about. Some businesses use video to lead up to a book publishing event. This type of targeted coverage establishes your brand as a leader in your chosen industry. Using a product like Vimeo can help you create high impact videos.

What can You Include In the Marketing Videos?

Draw your audience in early on and grab their attention quickly. Make your message easy to grasp and concise, with or without sound activated. OK, so how does your product work? We all love product demos. Demos makes for helpful content and can also be tweaked as a service demo, introducing yourself, what you do and how you do it. It is so helpful if someone has a question about your services then you can personally answer their quires with an informative video. It will give you an opportunity to compare your offerings to others or define the differences. Right there is the ticket where you can easily convert the audience.

Be Authentic When You’re Out There!

You can highlight your values. Talk about your company and accentuate what makes your business so special, how you are different than others. Be open and engaging, spend time getting in depth messaging across about your product and services. Incorporate personal antidotes that make you accessible. Add a call to action to promote additional traffic, and spark the conversion rate.

Make Them The Super Star

We all like to voice our opinion, so encourage your audience to produce a video while using your products. You can post these testimonial videos to compliment your content or add to social media. What a great opportunity that can be for both parties. All of these ideas promote positive reinforcement of your brand, business and product or service and help guide you on a journey thar can enable authoritative messaging from your chosen profession.

Can You Have SEO Too?

Google indexes YouTube videos and you can use their tagging feature which will determine the relevance of similar groups of videos. This helps your video appear related when viewers watch similar content. This helps boost your search options to show up multiple times. Use keywords in your video descriptions and add shortened links along with call to action so people can be directed to your website or a landing page that has a special offer. Think about these prospects and make the options to optimize your exposure endless.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your video campaign. You will want to know how this is all performing. Some video hosting sites include analytics so you can actually see the number of times the video is played and the percentage of clicks users hit the play button. You might rather choose to integrate your video on your own website where you can also monitor results and analyze the numbers.

Demo video, brand videos, Expert interview and educational how-to’s. You can try a case study and customer testimonial videos, live action videos, and personalized messages. So, plan intentionally, write your script, and learn to understand your camera. After the shoot, organize and edit the video, add music score or record any voice over. The results will surprise you, while significantly ramping up your brand visibility. If you need additional guidance on how video might be a good fit for your business, let Blue Zenith Design + Strategy help you.