If you want to create and build a website there are so many things to think about. Decisions have to be made as far as what type of site you want to make and if you are going to be needing ecommerce. Other things to consider include blogging, logos, content, photos, and your domain name. Yes! The process is daunting, but then do you really need a web hosting platform and here the answer is emphatically “Yes!” You cannot have one without the other.

Web hosting is the pathway to your site through the world wide web. Hosting companies provide the technologies that bring your webpages to life. The websites are hosted, or technically stored on a special computer called a server, and that is how your business’s website is connected to the internet. If all that sounds too techie, it is. Let’s just focus on why Blue Zenith Design + Strategy depends on SiteGround for their client hosting needs.

Why SiteGround?

Our reasons are direct and simple: SiteGround provides excellent hosting services for all kinds of websites, including ecommerce sites, and is an all-inclusive web solution. Once you sign up for their services you can start building any website or storefront, or collect funds from Paypal or any other merchant account. They have a built-in SSL certificate that secures credit card transactions, data transfer, and logins. More recently, SSL certificates are becoming the norm when it comes to securing the browsing of websites. The SSL certificate is also what activates the padlock you see on secure transactions on websites.

And Performance?

As far as performance goes, SiteGround is impressive. The integrational features they have built into the product and daily backups are superior. Performance, speed, and reliability counts when your website is all about stability. The company keeps rolling out cutting edge speed features that are shared with all accounts.

The Right Fit

Most often it’s about the right fit when you trying to settle on the best of the best, because actually there’s no such thing as that. The right fit depends on your goals, budget, and expertise. There is much to be said about SiteGround’s advanced features that are not incorporated into other hosting providers.

SiteGround can boast an uptime of nearly 100% (from the best available figures) and they provide excellent support and customer care with many online tutorials. We like the fact that in an industry that is pretty elusive, SiteGround is extremely transparent and supportive of community forums. Working with giant companies are usually short on details and long on upsells. The fact is this company sells itself and is respected as one cut above in an industry that offers a multitude of options to choose from.