Which way are you leaning, new or re-designed website? We understand cost can be a factor, especially if it’s not broken. At best it’s still functional and dependable. It may not be flashy and enticing but it works. Works well enough that you believe it is not time to warrant an upgrade.

Has the future arrived?

In many cases older or dated websites can restrict growth. Possibly from the customer standpoint it might be a turn-off and driving potential customers away. But, worse is that it may be vulnerable to hacking, which can be costly. So, when we consider cost alternatives the re-design and merge of your site might not be a bad idea after all.

Update and re-design!

If your offerings have changed, if the information posted is no longer current change becomes a real possibility. It might be time for an interesting blog to attract clients. New to sites are the latest navigation trends and standards. And you have to determine your back-up options which are crucial to keeping your initial investment safe.

Website Basics

Nowadays Google maps are important to website observers. Do you have Google Analytics and Search Console accounts? Remember that Google measures the traffic coming into your web pages and provides insight into how your web pages are being used. Do you have an SSL certificate? (HTTPS). I highly recommend all websites use HTTPS to ensure that those browsing on your sites are protected and secure.

Smartphones are now “It” and being used extensively for browsing by current and potential clients. Make sure the site information is optimized for display, use and viewing on various devices, smartphone or tablet.

Where are you?

Do you know where your domain name is hosted? Your domain name is the foundation of your digital brand. It is important to be in an account that is owned and managed by you, the business owner. You need a Google My Business account. This allows you, the business owner, to create a business listing and manage the public profile. Important stuff here!

Can they find you?

At Blue Zenith we can help you maintain proper search engine optimization. This is the basic metadata for how your website shows up on the search engine results page. So, you can see there are a lot of reasons to be concerned and in tune with your website options either new or re-design. Oh! And let’s not forget CRM, a customer Relationship Management tool in your website to capture lead information as people engage. Without a feature-rich CRM, your current website may be limiting your ability to attract the right kind of customers to your business.

What is CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a software application of related programs that are used to create and manage your digital content. You want to tackle any future problems by ensuring there are regularly scheduled updates to your website. Without regular updates, your website can be more easily hacked, leading to site downtime and a loss of financial or other confidential information. Worse, if your site is compromised, you may also be exposing personal devices to further hacking and intrusions.

If you aren’t sure when your CMS was last updated, you may have a vulnerable website. The CMS powering your website requires regular security and featured updates to patch vulnerabilities and correct bugs. If you aren’t sure when your CMS was last updated, you may have a vulnerable website. It might be time to pay attention.

Quotes from: Galassi, D. (2018). Reimagine Your Brand: Blue Zenith LLC Centennial CO

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