Thinking about elements your small business website should have?
Entrepreneurs feel like they have to try to emulate the big guys, but that’s not always the best idea. Consumers like the small-business vibe and the intimacy that comes with it – your website should reflect that. While big businesses are often bound by corporate rules and regulations, you’re not.

Show creativity and personality on your site, and let your audience know who you are. Show your audience what you can offer that the big corporations can’t! If you’re a small- business owner, don’t be afraid to show it off

An Impressive “About Us” Page

Your website “about us” page is the place to tell your story. Be totally candid and speak truthfully even though you feel personally vulnerable.  Your “about us” is the place to let it all out. Your authenticity and vulnerability will help your audience see you as a real person, rather than a business. It will give them a reason to trust you, and bond with you.

Products and Services

Too many businesses bury their products and services on their website, making them difficult to find, or worse – they just don’t list them at all. If someone happens upon your site, they shouldn’t have to guess at what you do. Make your offerings clear, and even more than that, make it clear that you’re the best.

Website Contact Information

You want new clients, right? How are you going to get them if no one knows how to reach you? You not only need a contact page, but you need to put a “contact me” link everywhere else you have content. Hyperlink it into your other web pages, and put it at the bottom of your newsletter, on your blog, and even on your social media pages.


Reviews from clients and business partners are the best possible way to convert prospects into clients. Because they’re not overt sales pitches and come from an unbiased third party, they appear trustworthy and credible. Ask every client to provide some honest feedback on your page, and let the reviews speak for themselves.

A Blog

Like your “about me”, a blog gives clients the chance to peek inside your mind. It’s an opportunity to show personality, and another outlet where you can reinforce your brand promise. When you interact with clients via comments, you give them a chance to get to know you better, on a more personal level.

When you use your website to openly and honestly communicate with your audience, it can provide an amazing outlet for connecting and relationship building.