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The Power of Perception

Each and every interaction with your company is yet another chance to wow your customers and clients. It’s a chance to build upon their relationship with you and mold their perception of what they think of your company. In order to ensure that each customer interaction remains consistent and meaningful while moving them towards your intended brand definition, you must establish a strong brand foundation based on the values and personality you intend to communicate.

Let Me Show You How To Brand Your Business

Hi! I’m Donna Galassi, owner and CEO of Blue Zenith. For more than 8 years I’ve been creating websites and brand strategies for small business and the serious entrepreneur. I bring a unique perspective to how I approach marketing and web design. To me, its personal. People connect with people. Your brand needs to build that connection by communicating your values and how you are uniquely different from your competitors.

That’s how I build your brand and develop the strategies to make that happen.

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Get our Brand Guide Workbook that was designed and written to walk you through the foundational pieces you need in building your business into a brand.

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Our Go Ahead. Dream Big. Programs were created to help entrepreneurs and small business grow a brand that captures their “know, like and trust” and bring that into their digital marketing. Programs range from DIY to group programs to a VIP program.

Web Design

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Are you ready to get started? Redesigning your website is a process. We’ve made it easy to get started. I’ll ask that you schedule a phone call with me. You’ll be emailed our prework questionnaire that will get you in the right mindset.  I look forward to speaking with you!

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We could not have the thriving business that we do , if it wasn’t for Donna at Blue Zenith! From the very beginning she helped us as we figure out, step by step, on what we wanted and most importantly what we needed! She has always very professional, hard working and patience. Our business would live or die by it’s website and I am happy to say it has a “successful business heartbeat” because of the work that Blue Zenith has and continues to do for us! Thank you for all your hard work!


Owner, The Clue Room

Working with Donna at Blue Zenith has been a pleasure. She is not only great at what she does from a technical perspective, but she’s also patient, and is intent on “getting it right”.

Donna has a rare gift for combining both the technical aspects of web-site design and building with the marketing, messaging and usage needs of her customers. She helped Park Meadows Pilates & PT create a website that we’re proud of!


Owner, Park Meadows Pilates

The Blue Zenith Way

At Blue Zenith, we believe that creating the best visitor experience means engaging your potential clients with a fully branded website that communicates your brand value and promise. Our brand definition strategies and services guide you to better understand your clients. This builds solid strategies to enhance connections and engagement. We provide a full range of digital marketing services to build your brand: from mobile-friendly web design, to content strategy, to search engine marketing. It all starts with a branded website – the home base for your digital brand.

We provide brand strategy and web design services based out of Centennial, Colorado, a vibrant community-focused city located outside Denver Colorado. Our clients are small businesses and serious entrepreneurs located nationwide and worldwide.