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We believe that getting found is the lifeblood of your digital presence. Here’s an assessment to learn how your digital presence is working to get found, connect with your ideal customers, and grow your leads.

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This quiz is designed to help you discover where you are in your journey toward your goals and get crystal clear about what missing pieces are holding you back from experiencing the results you desire. This knowledge is absolutely key if you are looking to create a breakthrough in terms of attracting more customers to your business.

Measure Your Marketing Success Scale

You will use this scale throughout the assessment to help you gauge your level of comfortability and preparedness you have when it comes to your marketing foundation. As you go through the assessment, be mindful and honest so we can evaluate your results accurately. Determine the answer that fits you best, in terms of each respective statement and topic. Let's get started!

1 = I haven't started | 2 = I've made progress | 3 = I'm stuck | 4 = I'm doing well | 5 = I've got this!