The State of eCommerce

There has never been a better time for your business to enter the digital marketplace. As of December 2022, US consumers have collectively spent over $1 trillion in eCommerce for the first time. Although eCommerce sales have been consistently rising over the past few years, its accelerated growth in the past few years can largely be attributed to its convenience, necessity, technology, and steady popularity around the world. How can we help your eCommerce business?

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 eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

Sell your products to anyone, anywhere. Let us help you find the right eCommerce solution for your business.

WordPress for eCommerce Services

Powering the Internet with its technology, convenience, and comprehensive selection of features, WordPress makes for an excellent eCommerce management system. Blue Zenith typically utilizes one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins, Woocommerce, to help you enhance, scale, and grow your business. In addition, we also offer other business website design services.

Wordpress Website Design

Google Shopping Services

Some of our SEO packages include setup, optimization, and our expert Google Shopping management services. We can help set up both your site and Google Merchant account with SEO best practices to enhance your eCommerce store and improve your online visibility.

Google Shopping Feed Optimize Services, Blue Zenith

Amazon eCommerce services

We design and build out Amazon storefronts with SEO best practices to help our clients succeed. Our Amazon eCommerce and optimization services can transform your online store into a beautiful, thriving eCommerce platform that successfully represents your brand and reflects your vision. 

Amazon Storefront Design Services

Shopify Optimization Services

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce solutions for online stores, offering an expansive seller portal that includes digital products, membership products, subscriptions, and additional customization options. Our Shopify optimization services include designing crisp, professional, and modern Shopify eCommerce stores that help small-to-medium businesses get found.

Shopify SEO Services

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Sell to Anyone, from Anywhere

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As of late 2022, around a third of small businesses in the USA don’t have a website yet. Getting a website established can place your business ahead of the curve and help you stand out from your competition.


US small businesses that don't have a website

eCommerce Web Solutions

ECommerce Web Agency | Denver, CO

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Blue Zenith can assist small-to-medium business owners across the nation with powerful and effective e-commerce solutions. We are well-versed in many different eCommerce technologies and can help you choose an effective platform for your business needs, including helping you discover easy ways to upload, maintain, or update your product listings. Additionally, our eCommerce solutions also offer convenient features that allow you to schedule deals, coupons, or special discounts.