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Tricia creates a magical experience. At the age of five years, she received her first 126 Kodak Instamatic film camera as a gift. After a trip to Washington D.C., her photography debut…Snap! Snap! The rest is history because once the images were developed, much to her parents surprise she was dang good at it. She proved to have a natural ability for what was later to become her life’s passion.

Since discovering photography, capturing precious moments has become her obsession. Her number one goal is to know and understand what matters, so that her camera can capture the true essence of each individual. She strives to allow each subject to relax, get comfortable and become who they really are. That is how the magic happens!

And magic it is! Tricia captures your spirit, and digs into your soul to capture images that make every subject proud and excited to use everywhere even if typically, self-conscious in front of a camera. How does she do that? She ignites your vulnerability to empower your story and illuminate your magnificence. That’s special gift is what allows her to transform brands one trip at a time!


Date Published
June 2021

Turpenoff Photography


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Outcome and Results

Being introduced to Tricia online allows you to understand how she performs her magic behind her camera. As she describes the process before, during and after the photoshoot you grasp the enormity of her professional credentials. She has many videos, Listen, Learn and Leverage, that helps to dispel preconceived notions about various businesses. These are live show about dispelling mysteries, misunderstandings and misconceptions. So, listen up… they are great videos full of juicy information!

Tricia has a website chock full of information, reviews and ways to enhance a brand, a wedding, an event, and capture one’s professional spirit, all with the Snap! of a camera lens.

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