The Well House

The Well House

Who They Are

The Well House is a family owned, fast adapting, compassionate business serving those who need to reside in an assisted-living situation. Their facility is uniquely designed for comfort and personalized care.

The Well House incorporates family into their business unlike any other assisted living residency, so much in fact that the house itself is set up as a home with its own garden and living area. They were originally founded on the need to place their own grandmother in assisted living and being unhappy with the options to find a place that truly feels like home. Thanks to years of support, The Well House has been able to provide and serve their elderly residents in a manner filled with compassion, dedicated care, and support!


Date Published
October 2019

The Well House


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Outcome and Results

The previous website for The Well House was outdated and needed changes with more current photos to provide an efficient customer experience. Their website is optimized for users to quickly find information on this unique business. With a more inviting and clean look, visitors get the feeling that they have finally located the right place for their loved one to live.

The Well House Website