The Therapist Toolbox

The Therapist Toolbox

Who They Are

A site for professionals and students to bring more A-ha moments into therapy sessions, this innovative website is a place built by therapists for therapists. By becoming a member, therapists can share videos that discuss their personal favorite tools and interventions, their theoretical background, and how to bring their training straight into your next session. There are many videos and helpful resources that will empower therapists to improve the mental health of the world we live in.

How It Came Together

Ariel Friese, the mastermind behind The Therapist Toolbox, realized that fellow clinicians have valuable skills to share with one another to empower and to create an ever-evolving video library. She wanted to present this service though her website and was referred to Blue Zenith who helped her build the vehicle to reach others who need access to this information.


Date Published
April 2017

The Therapist Toolbox


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Outcome and Results

Their private membership website provides a large library of videos while connecting therapists together from across the nation to share information in a collective community. This has enabled The Therapist Toolbox to grow outside of any boundaries and share information on a global scale.

The Therapist Toolbox Website