The Breast Education

The Breast Education

About The Breast Education

Everyone is aware of the importance for breast health education, but how many of us really keep up with it? The Breast Education is an educational wellness company specializing in early breast cancer detection and overall breast health for all ages.

The Breast Education is a division of Night Out with “The Girls”. Their mission is to bring early breast cancer detection education to every single person in the United States (to start) and with The Breast Education website, that mission just got a whole lot easier!

They gear their efforts towards individuals and businesses with an easy to implement program that can be used on its own or added to an existing wellness initiative, providing opportunities for employees to interact creating a positive effect on team culture and relationships.

They provide tools to empower and educate every single person with the flexibility to participate with a self-paced program.


Date Published
September 2021

The Breast Education


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Outcome and Results

The Breast Education is a truly interactive experience, which includes unique opportunities, simple (yet, effective) activities, assessments, conversation starters, and resources for your home and business.

The self-paced program consists of three main segments, each of which include multiple videos that feature expert NOWTG instructors. The instructors are made up of an experienced team of healthcare professionals, breast cancer survivors, and an emcee. Together, they share potentially life-saving breast health education, early detection practices and inspiring stories of resilience and hope. Prices are displayed on the site and it is easy to register.

The Breast Education - For the Workplace