Spray Booth Services

Spray Booth Services

Who They Are

John Baker is a man who knows his paint and is committed to ensure that a spray booth operates the way it was meant to. He installed his very own spray booth and opened the JBS training center in 2017. With Spray Booth Services, a division of John Baker Sales, an option is now available nationwide for paint shops to correctly maintain and upgrade their equipment to ensure peak performance. Spray Booth Services has developed a comprehensive program to meet the demands of shop owners and managers to increase the return on investments. This serves to cut overhead costs by reducing the need to fix costly mistakes.

Providing convenient remote monitoring of equipment that supports real-time reporting to maximize efficiency and productivity and a mechanical scheduled service program those in the industry rely on Spray Booth Services. His clients know that John Baker understands cares and knows how to install, fix and maintain spray booths.


Date Published
October 2018

Spray Booth Services


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Outcome and Results

Most people do not understand the complexities of a paint spray booth. This website breaks everything down to simple terms and highlights the many services Spray Booth Services provides nationwide. And, what an efficient way to reach out to clients and potential customers so they can learn about the many services available to them when they purchase a spray booth from John Baker Sales.

The site provides all necessary information in a pleasing easy to use format and along with that you get to ‘meet’ John Baker and understand what drives him in his quest for maximum efficiency in the maintenance of his units.

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