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Jim Collier helps open the window of opportunity for financial freedom for those who decide to plan for it. His sense of freedom is strong and he provides impartial education to help people retire with confidence. He is an acclaimed author, educator, advocate, and a great story teller! He’s even written an inspiring children’s book published in 2016 of which all sales benefit Jessie’s Heart Charity.

Jim blends his valuable insights, energy, and unique style of wit and humor into his speaking engagements. His dialogue shares his fresh look at the retirement story and explains why traditional planning strategies are relics of the past. In 2017, Jim retired from the family business and founded RetirEd LLC, a retirement planning education company not affiliated with any outside company or organization. He is now a full-time writer, educator and presenter and his website represents his witty and sparkling personality.


Date Published
December 2018

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Outcome and Results

Jim’s website is a vision for Florida retirement lifestyle and his Retire Ready Resource Center is filled with books and offers you cannot miss. It features stories and strategies from his battle-hardened experiences. He features educational blogs on his website that share a wealth of information… literally.

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