The Results Map Experience

Who They Are

The Results Map Experience is a year long membership program created by Kimberly Alexander. The membership includes one year of group training calls with four experts, one year of an Interactive Facebook community with four experts, and a retreat at an exclusive 5-star resort in Evergreen, Colorado. The program is based on Kimberly’s best selling The Results Map book series.

How It Came Together

After completing Kimberly Alexander Inc.’s website, we began working on Kimberly’s second website for The Results Map Experience. This website was built on the AllProWebTools platform and includes a members-only section. Both websites have similar design elements to help create Kimberly’s overall brand experience.


Date Published
October 2015

The Results Map Experience


  • Branded Website Design
  • Built with AllProWebTools
  • Strategy

  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Services

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Member’s Only Pages
  • Outcome and Results

    AllProWebTools is the only platform powerful enough to support everything that The Results Map Experience does. Not only does the website collect and retain contact information within AllProWebTools’ CRM, but it also contains a custom membership page. The website is responsive and works well to strengthen Kimberly Alexander’s Brand.