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Peace of Mind Accounting

Who They Are

Turning your money over to someone else to handle can be a bit uncomfortable. The best option would be that someone inspires you with complete trust that can provide efficient effective solutions getting your business books organized, balanced and ready for tax time. This is where Brenda Bowen, with a strong team of experts, steps in to provide you with Peace of Mind Accounting tailored to your business needs.

After moving from Colorado to Alaska for a short time, Brenda was able to transition her family owned business to a virtual bookkeeping practice keeping her Colorado clients and adding clients from across the country. Technology enabled the practice to continue to grow while building a solid firm with the focus on bookkeeping and accounting reports. She is known to organize her clients tangled mess, figure out successful solutions and manage to get all business matters back on track. She has earned many awards and certifications in her more than 12 years of working with an array of service-based industries. Most of her clients work out of their home-office and she operates as your outsourced bookkeeper, serving the nation remotely using virtual video conference and electronic communications.


Date Published
October 2018

Peace of Mind Accounting


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Outcome and Results

If you are building a nationwide business, a website enables you to reach all corners of the country in an instant. It introduces you in a personal manner and enables you to offer in one place, all of your services and promote your expert credentials. This is the result of Peace Of Mind Accounting’s website, as Brenda displays all of her services while displaying the 5-star reviews that her clients have provided proving that she partners with them to get the job done.

The blogs provide an educational service and give lots of tips, news and networking events. So, Brenda reaches out nationwide, and proves that with expert assistance anyone can conquer the nagging details of your business that take you away from doing business.

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