Paul Lechner Music

Paul Lechner Music

Who They Are

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Paul Lechner knows how to wow his audiences! He began playing guitar at 15 years old while growing up in Texas. At that time he spent a lot of time at home sick, so his Mom bought him a guitar to keep him occupied and guitars have kept him happily preoccupied ever since. Paul’s musical repertoire ranges from classic rock, to jazz and acoustic rock. He has entertained at many breweries, wineries, tap houses, distilleries, restaurants, bars and even garden centers. He is also available to play at private parties and events.

So many of those who get a chance to listen to Paul love his music and many people request for him to play for their weddings, birthday parties, celebrations of life, work events and even grand openings of breweries. His variety of music appeals to people of all ages. It has always been his dream to play as a solo musician and he is thrilled that he has realized that dream.

Paul is expanding his venues from the Denver Metro Area to other areas of Colorado and also plans for some national venues. You can regularly check his calendar page to see where he’s playing near your neighborhood.


Date Published
June 2018

Paul Lechner Music


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Outcome and Results

Paul’s repertoire is so amazing; he features his music on his website and highlights videos from his gigs. You can also read reviews from his performances and book him for a gig. Also featured is a monthly updated calendar so the public can follow his events and enjoy an evening listening to his fantastic music.

Paul Lechner Music Website