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Who They Are

Heartbreaking and beautiful, Jessica has shared with the world, the often veiled subject of suicide. OwnMy Today comes from a critical day during her widowhood journey when she realized she had major baggage that surfaced the day her husband Tylor committed suicide. “OwnMy” it isn’t even a word; yet it has become an anchor of which has become the real Jessica today and it one of the most important “words” in her life. It defines how she has the energy to operate, serve, accept, heal, love, move forward, and experience everything. Adding to her struggles Jessica is also a breast cancer survivor.

Jessica’s true desire is to voice her own experiences through the website, to help other young, unexpected widows, or anyone experiencing loss, by providing real-world tips on how to deal with the aftermath of a shocking, unexpected death. To help others maneuver though the chaos.

Some may relate to OwnMy Today because of other forms of loss which comes in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it is the death of a family member, loss of a happy marriage, loss of financial security or a job, even the loss of stable health. It is all LOSS! You may pick up a few tips from this sensitive and insightful, supporting website or hopefully OwnMy Today helps you not to feel so alone. The website screams “thank you” for being on this heart-breaking yet beautiful OwnMy Today journey with Jessica.


Date Published
September 2018

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Outcome and Results

This website is powerful, expressing raw emotions for the sake of reaching out and helping others. The photos are well chosen and define the journey Jessica has been on since the day she lost Tylor to suicide. Her quest is to expose her pain publicly so that others can join her in the process of healing. It is a website born and designed in the hope that others can benefit from sharing their individual pain of loss together and heal in a community effort.

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