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If you are striving to leave your mark on the world and build your legacy, then Nancy Sharp has a program designed to help you reach your goals as a professional in the legal field. Resilient Leadership is to help identify and push beyond the challenges that prevent us from reaching high goals. Nancy works with legal firm’s lead teams to help women attorneys stay in the game. Improving lawyer well-being is an increasing priority for the profession and essential for women. Nancy can help you stay in the game when too many continue to leave at senior levels after having worked tirelessly for years.

Nancy Sharp has a self-guided online course, a multi-faceted program that draws on narrative writing and guided autobiography. And what better person to guide you? She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and is certified instructor in Guided Autobiography. She is a columnist, essayist, blogger, book coach, and author. Nancy’s award-winning memoir Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living is an unforgettable portrait of the surprising turns life takes, and the resilience Nancy summoned in order to keep stepping forward.


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March 2020

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Outcome and Results

This site is an online academy and highlights the programs designed by Nancy Sharp. There are testimonials and reviews and outlines of her courses. The site not only provides details of the courses it gives easy online access and register options. There is also an overview of the many books she has authored. Own your story. Own your life. Leave your mark. Nancy can show you how.

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