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My Word Publishing offers self-publishing services to new and first-time authors. They are truly a passionate publishing family who not only cares about the world of writing but also your needs as a writer. Every member of the My Word Publishing team has a passion for writing, books, publishing, and design. They hold your hand as you traverse the road to becoming a published author. With a wide variety of services, including book coaching, book marketing, cover design, and editing, My Word Publishing is a fantastic resource for anyone on the amazing journey to self-publish a book.

How It Came Together

Donna Galassi of Blue Zenith met and befriended Polly Letofsky, owner of My Word Publishing, a few years before they began working together. Blue Zenith originally published her website in January 2016. Then, in the fall of 2018, Polly contacted us for a website redesign in order to elevate her brand.


Date Published
December 2018

My Word Publishing


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    My Word Publishing’s website redesign took all the best elements from their previous website, modifying and tweaking them until a new, modern look was created. The site features a custom header, complete with a unique slider showcasing award-winning books they helped publish and social media widgets. The site is integrated with Constant Contact to allow anyone who signs up on her site to be automatically entered into her CRM.

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