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Dr. Kristine Hembre is on a noble mission. She established MedPro, an integrated life coaching program providing connection, mindfulness training, and stress management tools geared towards reducing the rate of medical provider “burn out”, depression and suicide. And OH! There is an immediate need now with medical providers working overtime.

Integrative health coaching with mindfulness-based stress reduction is so needed today after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Kristine Hembre is a retired physician whose exit from medicine was indicative of her own burnout and of the abuse and stress caused by the powers over her career. It may be an employer, the state board or insurance companies – there are so many powers at work in our broken medical system.

After training in Integrative Health Coaching and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) at Duke University, Kristine created programs geared towards the profession she retired from. She dedicates her work to help medical professionals find joy and purpose in the career they’ve worked so hard to acquire and are dedicated to.


Date Published
November 2020

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Outcome and Results

The path to a resilient life is part of integrated services offered on the MedPro website with many resources and options to choose from. Kristine offers group coaching, webinar training and individual coaching. There is access to the entire seven-part webinar series that she offers, and what sounds like an amazing Healers Garden Retreat. From one of her testimonials on the website, “The goals that I worked on with Kristine were goals that I never thought I would meet. Having her alongside the journey helped me meet them and allowed me to accomplish things that I really wanted to.”

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