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Since 1964, the firm of McManis Consulting has completed over 3,000 assignments in research and management consulting services with clients ranging from start-ups to industry leaders. In the 50 states and across the world they have provided third-party analyses and forecasts, structured transactions, and assisted with scenario and risk decisions. They work closely with the healthcare industry and a very wide range of organizations to help them adapt to and succeed within their ever-changing business environments. McManis’ work often integrates several perspectives and forms of analysis – market, finance, technology, communications, interpersonal change, organizational change, and relationships between organizations.


Date Published
October 2019

McManis Consulting


  • Branded Website Design


  • Content Strategy


  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Website hosting
  • Google and Bing Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization

Outcome and Results

McManis Consulting makes their consulting fact-based and their research reality-based and are constantly striving to be the best they can be. Their website overviews their impressive core values partnered with insightful thinking. Most impressive is the highlight of the credentials of their leadership team. If you are out there in need of services such as they offer, the website introduces you to this powerful highly qualified team of experts.

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