Marcia Washburn

Marcia Washburn

About Marcia Washburn

If you stumble across Marcia’s website it’s apparent that she is dedicated to building tomorrow’s generation. Incorporating Christian values she encourages parents to move beyond diapers, daycare, and dance class to get a glimpse of what God is planning for their family’s legacy. Her goal is to build a firm foundation for all of our children so they won’t crumble under pressure.

Marcia Washburn is the mother of five sons whom she homeschooled in their rural Colorado (USA) home for nineteen years. She has served in various leadership positions in local and state homeschool organizations and holds advanced degrees in elementary education & music education. She was awarded the 2009 Dr. Ruth Beechick Award for Outstanding Contribution to Home Education in the State of Colorado.

If her credentials are not impressive enough she serves as a teacher of teachers through her speaking and writing ministry. With her easy, informative narratives Marcia has penned many books and articles with include the subjects incorporating homeschooling, parenting, caregiving, home management and resources for music teachers. She offers a free download of 47 pages of Encouragement for Homeschool Moms that is filled with loads of inspiration and practical advice!


Date Published
November 2018

Marcia Washburn


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Outcome and Results

Browse through the website and get acquainted. Check out the free articles and tip sheets. Consider the books, e-books, and e-courses Marcia offers. You can also request a list of presentations for your conference or retreat or sign up for for her newsletter so she can keep in touch.

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