Lorena Arnold

Lorena Arnold

Who They Are

Sometimes it takes a defining moment to change your life path. For Lorena Arnold that special moment was in 2007 when she decided she would no longer depend on parents, spouse, a corporate job, and never mind social security or pension. Once and for all Lorena decided to take full control of her financial life and made a commitment to immerse herself in absolutely everything that had to do with time, money, wealth and success.

Her journey to financial independence has enabled her to help so many others and work with private clients and speak in front of countless groups. Lorena has lived her dream of having her own business, earning passive income, writing a book. She lives debt-free, worry-free with a nice source of income, earning while she travels sharing her story through tailored presentations with others.


Date Published
October 2019

Lorena Arnold


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Outcome and Results

What a perfect way to highlight the story and journey that has carved the success path for Lorena. Her website helps future clients meet Lorena and engage with her aspirations to guide others on a path to financial independence. The testimonial page touts her unique style and expertise. It highlights her book and program “Women on Fire.” Get to know Lorena and you understand why independence is truly an inspiring word. Add the words ‘women’ and ‘financial’ to that and suddenly the combination becomes powerful!

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