Legendary Spice

Legendary Spice

Who They Are

Sherry Hess created a “soulfully inspired company” to use flavor through herbs and spices to improve your health and overall food experience. She has created her very own spice blends such as ‘Mustard Up The Energy’ and ‘Two More Rick’, that are blended with healthy intentions and to help put you on an exciting journey to heal with food and spices.

How It Came Together

Sherry asked us to create a website for her newly formed business. We worked together to create a tasteful, inspiring site with lots of fun recipes to enjoy.


Date Published
October 2016

Legendary Spice


  • Branded Web Design


  • Content Strategy


  • Website Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ecommerce

Outcome and Results

We built Sherry an ecommerce website that enables her to easily sell her products and in detail describe their healing properties. She also is able to provide recipes and simple solutions to eating healthier.

Legendary Spice Website