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About KORE Invest

KORE is an acronym that stands for Kingdom Oriented Real Estate. They aspire to uphold a business culture that practices biblical principles as is in the Kingdom of God. KORE sets the standard in real estate investments by acting early through forward-thinking. At KORE, they stay ahead of market trends by analyzing data, being prepared, adaptable, and thoughtful to predict future trends in commercial real estate ownership. The team at KORE isn’t contrarian but believes in being early and ahead of market trends.

KORE was involved early in the co-working space, implementing this concept in the early 2000s, well before co-working became a trend. As you can see, they are innovative and visionary, focusing on relationships first. KORE Investments is built on contribution and serving for the good of all, and this is what drives them in all facets of business.


Date Published
June 2021

KORE Invest


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Outcome and Results

The KORE Investment website wraps up all of their purposeful vision and expertise in one place. It features their relevant news, properties, and acquisitions. It’s a good place to meet and learn about Jack Kim, Founding Principal & CEO, and understand his high level of integrity and love for what he has accomplished. They are an organization that generously gives back to the community in many ways, and sponsors ACE scholarships helping to send kids from low-income families to the schools of their choice. Partnering with investors, they aspire to give 10% of profits back to charitable organizations both nationally and globally.

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