Kate Kelsey

Kate Kelsey

About Kate Kelsey

Kate Kelsey says, “I want to guide others through the transitions and the dynamics of big life changes.”

Having difficulty living your best life? Learn how to navigate, grow and transform and be able to face your challenges. Part of the human sciences is to experience challenges or struggles they cannot get under control. Kate approaches therapy by helping her clients to address their concerns and implement change, working collaboratively towards their common desired outcome.

Kate studied biology before switching gears and pursuing a career in therapy. After receiving a master’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver, she went on to work for many large organizations both private and not-for-profit in many different roles and capacities before transitioning into private practice. These experiences led her to better understand the challenges of transitioning into new roles within your life, the challenges around the transition – as well as the promise of new fresh beginnings.

So, to obtain the confidence you strive for, therapy can be a productive and healing process. Breaking repeating patterns, discovering yourself when you’re feeling lost or uncertain, navigating new or changing relationships. Kate believes that her path hasn’t been perfectly linear, but it has brought her to the perfect place where she can finally say “I love what I do.”


Date Published
April 2020

Kate Kelsey


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Outcome and Results

It is wonderful to meet a therapist before you choose one. Her website provides an in-depth view of policy, background and procedures and serves as a vehicle to “meet-up”. It outlines licenses, fees and overviews her training. In FAQ’s lots of questions can be answered before settling on an appointment. The website offers blogs that delve into issues and provides insightful videos to help with Mindful Breathing practices.

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