Janet Redford

Janet Redford

About Janet Redford

If you have made the decision to reclaim your life, Janet Redford can help because she knows it’s not about being perfect, it’s about perfecting the practice. Janet is a genius for helping others regain traction in life, has a passion for mentoring and coaching.

Janet has an interesting concept on an individual’s money mindset which takes into account: You + Time. The better understanding you have about your relationship to money determines your future and impacts decision making when it comes to spending in your personal or professional life.

She also highlights the ripple effect of giving to help create prosperity. With a deep understanding of the struggles of being young and raising a family, an act of kindness prompts a greater understanding of generosity.


Date Published
November 2018

Janet Redford


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Outcome and Results

Through her website, Janet has the ability to emphasize her voice and the vision she has for her clients. The Profit First methodology to See It. Receive It. Give It. is outlined. Janet also provides a support network through phone or email.

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