Iron Clad Fitness

Iron Clad Fitness

Who They Are

When you first meet Shari Wagner you would never know she is the most experienced kettlebell instructor in the Denver Metro area. She inspires others who know her and how she reclaimed her health and conquered pain while rebuilding her body. Included in the website are inspiring stories of members who overcame adversity and became fit through training and diet. Shari offers nutrition coaching, corporate fitness, online coaching, and of course Russian kettlebell classes.

How It Came Together

Shari knew she wanted to redesign her site when she met Donna Galassi through the local Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter. They made a great connection and worked together to create a beautiful and engaging website.


Date Published
May 2017

Iron Clad Fitness


  • Branded Web Design


  • Content Strategy


  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization

Outcome and Results

This high energy website posts an online schedule of classes that are held which makes it convenient for the busy patrons of Shari’s gym. She is able to offer and outline through the site two instructional programs with a DIY membership program and the Inner Circle program both of which you can sign up for conveniently through the site. Her site also features a ‘Member of the Month’ section, highlighting a different member each month. Iron Clad Fitness makes it easy to get fit today!

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