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First Choice Drying Equipment

About First Choice Drying Equipment

First Choice is small, dedicated family-owned business. There are suppliers who talk a lot about being available and responsive to your needs, but how many business owners will actually answer the phone when you call, 24/7? How many will personally deliver equipment and service anywhere, at any time? How many suppliers will personally consult with you and provide an in depth needs assessment before recommending a product or service? How many will continue to be committed to your success, especially after a sale? Only business owners that truly exemplify a dedication to customer service and satisfaction – business owners like Beth Hinton and Wade Lauhon.

First Choice Equipment Sales and Service is a leading supplier of dehumidifiers, desiccant dehumidifier products, accessories and air moving systems designed for technically complex applications with critical requirements in both industrial and commercial markets. They serve the restoration industry by supplying high quality drying equipment sales, service, and rentals.


Date Published
May 2019

First Choice Drying Equipment


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Outcome and Results

With a newly-redesigned website First Choice now can showcase their items for sale, new, used and for rent. And they have financing options available too. They know how to do the work and they know how to best use every one of their products. This expertise and experience makes First Choice unique – Beth and Wade know first-hand what you’ll need to do the job the right way, the first time.

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