A Healthy Lawyer

A Healthy Lawyer

Who They Are

When it comes to giving and serving to make our world a better place, Eve A Wood, M.D. has the resources and the caring energy to share, guide and volunteer. She understands and lives her life enabling love to guide her efforts to embrace every challenge to help attorneys realize their potential to improve the outlook and perspective on their personal journey. Her toolbox is filled with everything needed to create space and light on the road ahead. If you are a lawyer looking for intervention to help pursue joy and wellness, she can help you transform your life.

How It Came Together

Donna and Eve had collaborated on a previous website and when she decided rebrand they put together this newer site aimed towards highlighting Dr. Wood’s focus on helping attorneys.


Date Published
August 2018

A Healthy Lawyer



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    Not only has Dr. Wood developed the signature program: A HEALTHY LAWYER; A Sustainable Approach to Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress, her clients are given many options. Outlining not only her prestigious speaking engagements, she offers retreats, programs, coaching and consulting. So with all of these many options clients can “meet” Eve and feel comfortable with her and choose the option that will best suit them. This interesting new website, which outlines her courses and credentials, makes for meeting Eve A Wood, M.D. truly memorable.

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