About Encore!

There are lots of fun things to learn from Marilyn Myrick Watson. Encore! A Boomer’s Guide to Rocking Your Retirement is NOT about money! Instead it is about living, enjoying and connecting with others in retirement. Most often than not, a pre-retirement meeting is about Medicare and Social Security, but Marilyn does much more. She is vibrant and upbeat during her speaking engagements.

We all need the tools to recognize what’s happening in our lives at the present and to be aware of the future. Marilyn talks about health and fitness, social and mental connections, about leaving a legacy, and living one’s best life. She has brilliant ideas about ways to engage and give back and rock your world!


Date Published
May 2019



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Outcome and Results

Curious what you can do in your retirement? Check out Marilyn’s website. She retired on a teacher’s pension and has now written multiple books, traveled to ten different countries, and volunteered in her community and around the world. Discover what Marilyn can teach you!