Embellished Butterfly

Embellished Butterfly

Who They Are

Embellished Butterfly creates meaningful custom gifts that shine and sparkle just as bright as the Swarovski jewels that are used! At Embellished Butterfly, authenticity is the key. Chris Dyer, the owner of Embellished Butterfly has a love of helping others and exhibits a strong need to give back. She tells you to, “make it standard practice to thank all of your special people regularly. Small surprises and tokens of gratitude and appreciation spread throughout the year to help those in your work life feel valued all year long.” The journey of love for others, beauty, positive energy and self-expression is the shining spirit of this company.


Date Published
September 2019

Embellished Butterfly.

“The team at Blue Zenith Design + Strategy did a beautiful job constructing our website. We have collaborated together many times to add in options to meet the evolving needs of our clients. They specialize working with small business and entrepreneurs and have many solutions to fit those needs. So glad to have them on our team.”
Chris Dyer


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Outcome and Results

Not only does Embellished Butterfly offer such special personalized gifts for loved ones and colleagues, the company is dedicated to serve women within and throughout the community. Military wives and female artists are given the chance of employment and support needed to thrive. This new website, highlights the possibilities of customizing gifts for special occasions, and makes customers feel comfortable and also want to do business with Embellished Butterfly!

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