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EIR Club

About EIR Club

EIR is a science-based, personalized cannabis wellness program, and a safe inclusive community for women. They empower their clients to live better and learn to expect more from herbal experiences.

Combining individualized Cannabis care to live a better life, they promote the duality of pleasure and pain in women’s lives, and believe that cannabis is a powerful tool for feeling the best self while coping with life’s intense complexities.

With a vast catalog of products ranging from beauty, mood, stress, sleep and wellness, EIR encourages women of all phases and ages to join their ever-growing community.


Date Published
November 2021

EIR Club


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Outcome and Results

EIR is a membership site that is built by women for women, cannabis experts, who are accessible to present customized wellness plans. They have an education, guidance and support system, a member only community, soon to launch, for likeminded spirits sharing the things that matter most.

The EIR memberships supplement traditional medicine, and focus on health over high, and turn recreational experiences into effects-driven, medically-informed ones.

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