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Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s passion for Veterans began during her United States Marine Corps service from 1978 – 1992. Her VA career, spanning decades, began in the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) in San Diego. She has since served in various positions, to include a Veterans Benefits Counselor, management analyst in Compensation and Pension Service, and later working for the Associate Deputy Under Secretary for Policy and Program Management in Washington, DC.

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is a remarkable keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She speaks virtually and also in person. Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is a member of the National Speaker Association (NSA). She is also personally certified by both Sam Horn in Tongue Fu!® in the art of how to deflect, disarm, and diffuse any verbal conflict and by John Maxwell as a coach and trainer on his trademarked leadership material. Her keynote program transforms lives through the intentional pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s keynotes can be tailored to both groups and organizations. Her inspirational style will inevitably boost the morale, skills, and capabilities of your teams, members or employees. Her motivational and transformational keynote can be customized to fit any organization or group and it has been verified that after hearing Dr. Betty Moseley Brown speak, participants are inspired and motivated to live an intentional life!


Date Published
March 2021

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Outcome and Results

Dr. Betty Moseley Brown’s achievements and credentials highlighted on her website reflect the power of her speaking engagements and her book, Leadership Reflections with Dr. Betty Moseley Brown. This book is a resource for leaders looking to improve engagements with their team or individuals needing a roadmap introspectively to make personal enhancements.

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