Digital Preservation Archiving

Digital Preservation Archiving

Who They Are

Digital Preservation Archiving is a branch of Large Document Solutions. They offer digital preservation and archiving tips for libraries, state and local archives, museums and historical societies, and artists and art conservators. They utilize wide format scanners for their preservation and archiving needs.

How It Came Together

When the owner of Large Document Solutions approached us for a website project, all he knew was that he wanted to create an online resource for the industries that used their wide format scanners. It was only after the site was built that it was determined that the focus of the site would be about helping their clients digitally preserve old and fragile documents, photographs, maps, and more.


Date Published
April 2016

Digital Preservation Archiving


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  • Outcome and Results

    Digital preservation is an important topic, especially as our societies’ technology advances. Digital Preservation Archiving’s goal is to inform its visitors about digital preservation while offering both large format overhead scanners and large format flatbed scanners to their customers.

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