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Connie Warden

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If you are having problems with clarity or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then Connie Warden can help. The mind-body-spirit connection is one of Connie’s passions in life. Balance, strength, and flexibility are what we lose as we get older if we don’t do something to stop that spiral. We cannot remain independent if we lose these capacities. Yoga helps us to retain all of these essential strengths and brings joy to the spirit and the soul.

Meditation is another practice that improves the quality of life and is the primary training for expanding the full potential in our lives. The ability to improve mental and emotional health through meditation is astounding. So, if your goal is stress reduction, immune system repair, or to increase mental strength and stability, Connie can guide you in the right direction.


Date Published
March 2020

Connie Warden


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Outcome and Results

The services pages describe the Therapeutic, Yoga, and Mediation services in a calming atmosphere. Connie’s website highlights her experience and is riddled with photos of her yoga poses which are calming in themselves. Connie’s “Stress-Relief-in a Box” is a tool that will help manage an approach to mental clarity, to face the world, revealing full strengths and authenticity. Alongside her hands-on services, Connie also sells audio and visual products that are geared towards mindfulness, recharging the spirit, and energizing the soul.

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