Carey Conley

Carey Conley

About Carey Conley

As the creator of the Do It On Purpose and Vision Driven Life movements, and co-founder of Infinite Nation™, Carey Conley is passion driven to create a community of support for women from all walks of life. She has acquired extraordinary success helping women to succeed building self-love and confidence, to shed past tragedies and find their most spiritual connection.

Her personal story is one of devastating tragedy turned into a message of hope to help others who experience grief. She and her daughter, Laurel have shared their story of profound pain so that others can move past the tragedies that have broken their hearts. On a national level, Carey’s skills have helped empower many women through her speeches, books and workshops.


Date Published
March 2020

Carey Conley


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Outcome and Results

Carey and Laurel have co-authored a book called Keep Looking Up: Transforming Grief into Hope After Tragedy. This effort gives them a chance to share their personal stories and the strategies they learned that allowed them to rebuild a sense of purpose and create a new vision of hope. Their painfully honest insights shed light on loss and grief. They also provide working tools to free others who are suffering bereavement from their pain. Through the website they link to Amazon to purchase the book. The website offers an opportunity to highlight their strengths, their struggles and the programs that define who they are today.

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