Caben Burritos

Caben Burritos

Who They Are

Caben Burritos is a family-run business that makes homemade burritos that are delivered right to your Denver area home or business. They are all about authentic cooking and only use the freshest ingredients. Their burritos can be ordered fresh for your lunch or for frozen for storage. The food they serve is always made to order.

How It Came Together

Benny, owner and burrito kingpin, is well known through out the Denver Metro Area, and was running his business without a website. He and his team came to Blue Zenith asking for a website that would help them promote their business and sell their burritos.


Date Published
March 2016

Caben Burritos


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  • Outcome and Results

    After getting to know Benny and his family, we determined that their website needed to have a simple, homey feel to it in order to emphasize their humble roots. The purpose of their site is to sell burritos, so we set up an easy to use ecommerce system to allow anyone to easily order their next delicious meal.

    Caben Burritos Website