180 Law Co.

180 Law Co.

Who They Are

Getting to know Attorney Aiden Durham, “All Up in Yo’ Business” YouTube star, is like meeting your neighbor for the first time. Her website is as upbeat and transparent as her personality and you feel confident she can help you realize your business dream and reach the goals you have set. With warm colors and action packed photos, her website reflects her professional credentials. You know she is committed to work hard sharing her knowledge and guidance to empower you to succeed in business.

How It Came Together

We have known Aiden for a long while and had helped her with a previous website. When the time came to re-invent and redesign, Aiden came to us with her ideas.


Date Published
January 2018

180 Law Co.


  • Branded Web Design


  • Content Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Google and Bing Analytics
  • HTTPS Enabled

Outcome and Results

Aiden wanted to be open and transparent with her fees and has posted them on the site. She took the opportunity to carefully outline her services and considers her office open 24/7 to receive updates on a case, send or receive documents, pay an invoice. It has evolved into a flexible accessible system that makes Aiden your all around 180 Lawyer.

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